Don’t Drink and Gamble At The Same Time

Whenever you go to the casino you’ll find that often times they offer free drinks. A lot of people take advantage of these free drinks and end up drinking two or three and sometimes even more. This can cause problems whenever you’re trying to gamble or if you want to play a game of poker.

Some people think that these free drinks might really be for free but keep in mind, the more you drink, the more you might lose. If you stop and think about it, those free drinks end up not being free after all. The more drinks you consume, the more relaxed you become and people can easily take advantage of this.

Another thing that’s dangerous when drinking and playing is that you’re not watching and paying attention to what other people are doing. This is when you can end up making a mistake and sometimes might not hear what people might say or either possible make mistakes that often time end up being silly. Other gamblers also watch for people that are drunk because they know it’s easy to take advantage of them. If you get thirsty the best thing to do is just have water because that will help you to stay alert at all times.