Bingo Balls – An Essential To Any Bingo Game!

Bingo balls are obviously essential to any bingo game. In fact without them lets face it there would be no game. Over the years they have changed greatly and modern day bingo balls come in all shapes and sizes. Early bingo games were often played with wooden balls and some bingo halls still use these wooden bingo balls for a nice authentic feel. Well that or they can’t afford new ones!

There are loads of different bingo balls designs out there and everyone has their own personal favourites. The most important factor where bingo balls are concerned is number visibility. If you can’t make out the number then you aren’t going to be having a very efficient game! Usually you will find, even with coloured bingo balls that the numbers are written quite large and in black surrounded by a white background to avoid any confusion.

People do not realise but there is a big difference between bingo balls and lottery balls. On a lottery ball you will find the number written multiple times and all the balls will often be the same colour. Well bingo balls are a bit different as they only have the number written on once and some of the nicest sets will be colour coded by number. For example 1-10 might be blue and 11-20 might be green.

If you are planning to have a few friends round and you want to play bingo then a great tip to save some money if you can’t afford a full set of bingo balls is to just buy ping pong balls and write the numbers on. You should have no problem finding enough ping pong balls to do the job perfectly for you.

With your bingo balls your are always going to need a master board. This is a place where you can keep the bingo balls once they have been taken from the cage. If you use a master board to store your bingo balls on then you won’t have them rolling all over the place and you will be able to keep track of what numbers have been drawn much much easier!

Wooden Bingo Balls

Wooden Bingo balls were the first type of bingo ball to be used. They had a few problems with splinters though and you had to make sure no one had any sand paper in their handbag! Continue reading “Bingo Balls – An Essential To Any Bingo Game!”